Donnerstag, Februar 01, 2007

ELG - 2nd Part

Yay, so I'll try to write in English :D Cuz its muuuch cooler, and then anybody can understand me . So 2day was my last "Praktikums" - day. Well..whats Praktikum in English? Lets ask the omniscient LEO.
Mhm..Its "Practical Course" Or P. training.. well..o.k sounds a bit "stokelig"
So, again I will start with some pictures ..... tadaa....
So, this is (obviously) me :D Working hard in front of the lap top :D A bit hairy, cuz of the SNOW fallen today. ^^
After 2 weeks in the ELG-Co. i really got to know the personality of this DELL laptop. At the beginning it was really hard for me to get used to the keyboard..which was a bit different. But now, although this Laptop isn't the best one, i think i have some tender feelings for this electronical thing *-*. Yay. I know, that after the first log in, u have to start Firefox and Outlook, and then u have to click on "Change the User" and log in again. After this, every program will work perfectly.. x'D I should tell Yimin this secret :D She complained a lot about this laptop. She thinks, that this Notebook doesnt like her at all.

So here comes...YIMIN!!!
She is really nice *-* I think, cuz of her, I also improved my English aswell.She offered to pratice some Chinese with me - if I have time and if I feel like learning ^.^
And I got presents, too :D hehe..Cathrin, we are reeeeaaaallyyy cool ****-****

Present No 1 **_** I mean, its a bit simple - but I am sure, I can learn a lot with this book!! *_*
Its really useful for reading & writing. hehe.. I am really thankful for this book

Aaaannnd I got 50 € !!! **_** I was so damn suprised and speechless! Really! They said, I worked really hard, and helped them a lot. *_* and I was really shy but thankful hahaha :D
They told me, I can come by - whenever I want. Whenever I am close-by. They all were really great. But like Cathy already mentioned, the first days were the horror. But now, I am really sad, that these 2 weeks are definetly over.
But hey!
I'll come back :D
They won't get rid of me!!!! wuahahahhahah...
~ Workalholic Lina ~

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